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Table Top Game Toy

Table Top Game Toy

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All rip cords, tops and stations are colour co-ordinated.

Select a spinning top by colour or name

Move all score markers on your spinning tops station to 0

Place your tops rip cord into your spinning tops station. remember to place "Teeth" of rip cord towards the centre of the station.

Place your spinning top in the front of slot of your station.

 Count to 3.0 3 everyone pulls the rip cord fast.

 The tops will crash together in the centre of the playing base

 The last top to be spinning gets 1 mark

 The first player to 10 marks is the winner.

  • Age: 3 Years and Above
  • Players: 2-4 Player
  • Contents: 1 Playing Base, 4 Different Colour Rip Cord and Tops
  • Box Dimensions (approx): 31 cm(length) x 30.5 cm(width) x 6.5 cm(height)
  • Product Dimensions (approx):  28.5 cm(length) x 27.5 cm(width) x 5.5 cm(height)
  • Brand: Big Fun Toys 
  • Material: Plastic
  • Country of Origin: India
  • BIS Certified 
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Table Top Game Toy

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